3 Alternatives to Laser Photo Printers

Laser photo printers are especially useful for producing output very quickly. But did you know that there is no such thing as a laser photo printer? Laser printers, because of their technology in printing, are not advisable to use as photo printers. They are unable to produce high quality photos and the result is a pixelated and sometimes a color-imbalanced photo. So if there’s no such thing as a laser photo printer, what alternatives do you have for speedy and high quality photo printing?

1) Inkjet Photo Printers

Some inkjet photo printers are now very quick in their printing processes. If your reason for wanting a laser photo printer is to be able to print quickly and produce a lot of photos in a short period of time, there are a lot of inkjet printers today that can match your printing needs. There are PhotoSmart models from HP which have a color printing speed of up to 32 pages per minute or an average of 1.8 seconds per page, and they can print borderless 4’’ x 6’’ photos in as fast as 20 seconds. This means they can really compete with laser speed these days, and as technology continuously develops, there are more and more improvements that will be done on inkjet printers. Eventually, even laser printers will be replaced by inkjets in speed and black printing quality.

2) Digital LED Printers

LED printers are basically like laser printers but they are all able to print in full color. They are also much better in printing colored prints and photos than standard color laser printers. These models may not match the speed of inkjets or laser printers, but if you’re looking for a printer that can compete with laser printers in terms of duty cycle, LED printers are best to use. Sometimes, businesses and offices use laser printers to be able to print in large volumes so the duty cycle should be very high for these printers. If you have a daily quota of 500 printouts daily, then the duty cycle of the printer that you will get should be at least 15,000 or else you won’t be able to reach your monthly requirement. Digital LED printers have a range of duty cycles from 10,000 to up to 100,000 pages per month so you will be able to produce your required quota while being able to produce high quality colored printouts.

3) Color Laser Printers with Minimum Resolution of 2400 dpi

If you are really interested in using a laser printer to print photos, then you should choose a color laser printer with a minimum resolution of 2400 dpi. The reason for this is that only this quality of color laser printer will be able to match the minimum color photo quality of inkjet printers or LED printers. You need to consider the quality of the photo printout especially if that is the main product of your printing activities. Otherwise, you may not be able to succeed in whatever goal that you are trying to achieve in printing photos using laser printers.


It’s true that laser printers are perfect for speedy and mass printing activities, but they are really not meant to produce high quality photos. These alternatives are the answers to your search for a laser photo printer, so now you can get the appropriate device that will answer all your printing needs.

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